Selenium Java online training syllabus:

Day Topic Sub-Topic
#1 About automation framework Why we need framework
5 pillars of automation framework
Overview of Selenium WebDriver
#2 Java concept that require for automation Check Java is working on your system
OPPS Concepts
Interface and Abstract class
Inheritance and polymorphism
Array and String
#3 Java 2 Exception Handling
Collection List and Set
Collection Map
Multi Threading
#4 Selenium WebDriver Setup Run small selenium test
Web Elements
#5 Important selenium class Action class
Select class
#6 Important concept of Selenium WebDriver Switching Window/Frame/Popup
#7 Things require for end to end framework development Maven
Apache Poi
#8 Framework development1 Page Object model and Page Factory
Project Structure
Constants and config
Creating baseClass
#9 Framework development2 Create Library files
Create class to connect Excel
Create class to connect DB
#10 Framework development3 Automate few test cases
Control testcase execution using TestNG
Parallel Execution
#11 Last Day of Training Interview Discussion
Realtime project issue