Selenium-Java class is starting from 29th Dec 2019

Automation trainings

Online training is getting hampered due to lots of infusion of video training. Here is a catch when people want to learn basic of any technology yes video training would help but to get advance knowledge classroom or online training is far better than video training where students get the answer to their queries when they find it. This training is for them who have the zeal to learn and move from manual to automation or directly start a career as an automation engineer.
All courses have been designed to provided knowledge of what they need for interviews or switch from manual to automation. All courses would take not more than 1.5 months and cover everything which is required to start automation or enhance the existing framework. In reality, only 30-40% automation engineer does participate in the end to end automation. Only 20-25% of automation engineers participate in CI/CD in automation.
We will provide end to end automation solution to the candidate to make them enabled to understand actual automation process which carries in the organization.